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Mystic Bourbon Balls

makes twenty-four balls

Ingredients :
1 cup chopped pecans, walnuts, or almonds
5 tablespoons Mystic Bourbon Liqueur
½ cup salted butter, at room temperature
1 package (16 oz) powdered sugar
18 oz semisweet chocolate or chocolate almond bark 

Add nuts to a quart size mason jar or other sealable glass container and then cover with Mystic Bourbon Liqueur.  Cover and put in the fridge to “brew” overnight.

The next day, cream the butter and sugar together using either a stand or hand mixer until light and fluffy. 

By hand, fold in the contents of the mason jar (bourbon and nuts). 

Form the dough into ¾” balls and place on a wax paper-covered cookie sheet.  Cover loosely with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

On the third day, melt chocolate or almond bark in a double boiler over simmering water.  Make sure to stir frequently so that the chocolate doesn’t burn.

Once the chocolate is melted, remove the dough balls from the fridge and roll each in the melted chocolate until they are lightly (or densely) coated.  Then put it back on the lined tray.  Once all the bourbon balls are covered in chocolate, return the tray to the refrigerator for about an hour and then store in the fridge until ready to serve.