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Mystic Farm & Distillery

Mystic Farm and Distillery is located in the heart of the Research Triangle on a 22-acre site only minutes from Downtown Durham and Research Triangle Park.  Here we are fulfilling our vision: Producing our acclaimed spirits by controlling every step in the process, from field to bottle. We invite you to join us as we transform our corn, winter wheat, honey and other botanicals into Mystic Bourbon Liqueur and our single-barrel, cask-strength bourbon Heart of Mystic. 
Come visit the Farm, where our tours and experiences put you at the center of our process and where we apply our craftsmanship to our spirits.  From the covered porch to our century-old magnolia tasting bar, to the quiet beauty of our fields and ponds, you enter a place of respect for nature‚Äôs gifts.
When your next business or life-cycle event calls for a unique venue, it would be our privilege to offer our facility for your consideration.